NEW 2014 Lesbian Erotica Book Collections

It has been a busy first half of the year in 2014. I’m proud to announce the release of 4 new lesbian erotica collections, and each of the stories within each of the collection works are also available to purchase as a “single”. Compiling feedback from readers and various groups I belong to, the book themes for 2014 come from you…the readers, and for that I sincerely thank you.

Ready to see what’s new in 2014? Below you’ll find erotic lesbian vampire themes, erotic lesbian cowgirl themes, erotic lesbian paranormal themes and erotic lesbian women in uniform themes. An obviously very diverse selection of quality lesbian erotica and erotic lesbian romance to choose from. Additionally, if you’re a new Spirited Sapphire Publishing reader, you might want to check out “30 Steamy Sapphire Sex Tales”, which contains the complete 2012-2013 Spirited Sapphire Publishing library.

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Lesbian Erotica Lesbian Vampire Romance CollectionLesbian Erotica: Lesbian Vampire Romance Collection

LESBIAN EROTICA: BOUND TO BUDAPEST: AN EROTIC LESBIAN VAMPIRE ROMANCE Erzsebet travels to Hungary to visit the town of her ancestors and to visit the grave of her namesake, her great-great-great grandmother who died in 1815. Her family’s history was a scandalous one, including the fact that her great-great-great grandmother had a lesbian lover and Erzsebet’s suspicions that her family had ties to a long lineage of vampires, her trip to Budapest does more than just uncover some long-held secrets.

LESBIAN EROTICA: LURED TO THE EMBRACE: A LESBIAN’S IMMORTAL TRANSFORMATION Follow Vivie, a sexy young lesbian who has recently broken up with her long term partner. Headed for an evening out on the town with her best friend to try and forget about her ‘ex’. Seeking refuge and distraction anywhere she can, Vivie chats up one of the attractive regular club patrons at the bar, but it distracts her from picking up on the subtle clues along the way that she might be in the presence of a lesbian vampire. Ordinary life as Vivie knows it, all at the moment of The Embrace.

LESBIAN EROTICA: CONFESSIONS OF COUNSEL: “I SEE VAMPIRES!” Follow Lilah’s confessions to her counselor that she sees vampires. While probably not the most outrageous claim ever heard by a mental health doctor, Lilah’s counselor is unusually intrigued by these revelations from her patient. Both doctor and patient harbor dark secrets they strategically try to keep from one another. But when desire builds, and urges fight their containment, even the darkest of secrets can’t be kept hidden forever, no matter how expert the efforts may be. Find out how secrets are exposed, and professional boundaries are crossed, in this doctor-patient lesbian erotica vampire romance.

LESBIAN EROTICA: WHEN TEACHER BITES: PROFESSOR’S LESBIAN SLUT Karrie, a virgin lesbian, struggles with the opinionated, obnoxious demeanor of one of her college professors, Dr. Eva Lessing. Karrie can’t help but ponder all the rumors that circulate on campus about Professor Lessing, amongst them, that the professor was a vampire. While simultaneously infuriated and attracted to the beautiful lesbian professor, Karrie is more consumed with her attraction to the lesbian professor vs. her intolerance of her. So many things are not as they seem as the professor makes revelations to Karrie, that in turn, unearth revelations about herself. Find out how this lesbian vampire romance plays out as Karrie unsheathes and explores her insatiable lesbian sex desires with her sapphic lesbian professor, becoming the professor’s private little lesbian slut.



Lesbian_Cowgirl_Romance_CollectionLesbian Romance: Lesbian Cowgirl Romance Collection

Lesbian Romance: Cowgirl Chivalry – Erotic Mountainside Adventure Abby tests the limit of her old car as she adventures through the Colorado mountainside during the blazing hot summer. With no cell phone service, Abby sets out on foot in search of assistance after her vehicle breaks down on the side of the road. Dehydrated and delirious, Abby is surprised when a beautiful cowgirl comes to her aid.

Abby is unaware that the beautiful cowgirl is a lesbian, but there is an undeniable mutual attraction that sparks between the two women. Concern over her broken down vehicle quickly takes backseat priority for Abby as she tries to seize an opportunity for an intimate lesbian sex encounter with her beautiful cowgirl rescuer. Find out how things play out in this cowgirl lesbian romance adventure.

Lesbian Romance: Cowgirl Bridesmaid – Intimate Reception Rendezvous Tara finds herself the long-distance wedding planner for her best friend’s wedding to be held in Colorado. Wearing a cowboy hat and cowboy boots with their pretty bridesmaid dresses, Tara actually enjoys her role as bridesmaid and wedding planner due to the fact that her wedding planning assistant is a sexy lesbian cowgirl with the same free spirited attitude towards lesbian romance and lesbian sex.

With the backdrop of a beautiful Colorado ski resort and the warm breezes of a colorful late summer, the ambiance is set for an intimate lesbian romance between two vivacious lesbian hotties.

Lesbian Romance: Cowgirl Rides – Erotic Wild West Vacation Kelly is a city girl from New York taking a Wild West vacation with her two best friends to New Mexico. Apprehensive about surviving the harshness of the desert terrain, let alone enjoying it, Kelly is pleasantly surprised to find that the dude ranch where they are vacationing boasts lots more greenery and water than she had expected. And, as an added bonus, the ranch has a lesbian horse trainer who is not only naturally beautiful, but apparently, equally attracted to her.

Steamy lesbian sex in one of the horse stalls, or somewhere on one of the hiking trails is all Kelly can think about, and when her lesbian cowgirl fantasy appears to becoming a reality, she can hardly contain herself. Find out how this summer lesbian romance plays out in this short story lesbian fiction tale.

Lesbian Romance: Cowgirl Winter – One Snowy Romance Erin is a successful artist who recently transplanted to the countryside of Montana from the busy city life in Chicago. Excited about submersing herself in the rugged country life, yet hugely underestimating the need for self-preparedness, Erin finds herself in a dangerous predicament when a blinding snowstorm hits for days in a row, knocking out power and leaving her without heat.

Left with no choice but to venture out into the harsh elements, Erin seeks help from her closest neighbor almost 3 miles away. Thankful to find her neighbor at home, yet surprised that it happens to be a drop dead gorgeous woman, Erin quickly finds herself heart struck by the beautiful cowgirl. While warming up in front of the fireplace with some hot coffee, it incidentally comes out during conversation that the beautiful cowgirl is a lesbian and that’s when Erin can barely contain her desire to get to know her flannel wearing wonder woman better.



1600x2400_Lesbian_Paranormal_Romance_CollectionLesbian Romance: Lesbian Paranormal Romance Collection

Lesbian Romance: Witch’s Mirror – Staying at a historical bed and breakfast with much history, the inn’s owner invites Taylor to stay in a room once believed to have been lived in by a practicing witch. Taylor is excited as she believes it will add to her vacation adventure, but little does she know just what magical powers lie hidden and awaiting for her in the room.

Lesbian Romance: Juice Joint Jane  – Grace and her amateur paranormal investigation group head off to their choice location for regular late night drinks at a Chicago restaurant and bar that was once a speakeasy in the 1920’s and 1930’s, and has quite the sorted history of mobster activity. Lesbian romance, lesbian sex, mobster activity and bullets fly in this unique and captivating lesbian fiction paranormal romance tale.

Lesbian Romance: Carnival Crush  – While riding a vintage carnival attraction with her nieces, Carrie experiences what feels like a moment of deja vu during a technical malfunction and she is thrown back to a time when she was young lovers with a fellow female carnival worker. Flashes of lesbian love, her natural sixth sense and tragedy leave Carrie reeling and she exits the carnival ride a changed person.

Lesbian Romance: Lesbian Love Magic: Sappho Love Potion #9  – Mel and her sister are busy running a magic herbal potions and perfumes store when a beautiful customer, Gabby, enters inquiring about a magic potion for a particular concern of hers. After some moments of miscommunication, Gabby leaves the herbal magic shop with her potion purchase. Lesbian romance manifests after a series of magical events align the unexpected destiny between two lesbian lovers.



Women_in_Uniform_CollectionLesbian Romance: Women in Uniform Collection

FIRST ALARM LOVE – Cheryl, a New York firefighter crosses paths with her future love interest at the scene of an apartment fire, after Cheryl returns into the apartment building to rescue a small dog. Cheryl can’t get the dog’s owner out of her mind, and she creates a circumstance in hopes of running into her so that she can have the opportunity to ask her out. Cheryl’s plan works and the women find themselves in a whirlwind lesbian romance.Just when things are seemingly as perfect as one could hope for, tragedy once again merges Cheryl’s and Tina’s paths, only this time with a potentially fatal outcome. Find out if lives and love survive in this blazing hot lesbian romance fiction tale.

TO SERVE AND PROTECT – A teaching position opens up and Lexie jumps on the opportunity to move back to her home state of Texas and immediately after moving into her new home it’s broken into and robbed while she is out picking up some takeout for dinner.Thankfully, the criminals are already gone when Lexie returns home to find her front door kicked open, and when a beautiful latina police officer is one of the responding units to the scene, Lexie is more than just comforted by her presence. Paths cross, invitations are made and accepted and a budding lesbian romance has surprised both Lexie and and the pretty officer. As lesbian love progresses, the thieves who broke into Lexie’s home have ramped up their criminal intentions and Lexie’s neighborhood is their main target. The Mayor comes down on the police department to pull all resources and handle the situation before lives are lost, and an undercover sting operation is put into place.With undercover operations underway, Lexie love interest is part of the covert efforts when they spot the criminal team prepping to target their next house, and it happens to be Lexie’s house….again! Will this be the night that claims the criminals first human victim, or will the officers intercept in time to save Lexie’s life and allow their budding lesbian romance to fully blossom?

MISSION COMPLETE- Michelle, a private in the U.S. Army yearns for her lover waiting for her back in Seattle. Together for more than 3 years, they’ve been kept apart for 2 of those years due to Michelle’s military tours. However, lesbian romance does not fade for either woman even though they are separated by several continents. While Michelle struggles to keep her sexuality a secret from her military comrades, her lover Kelly is back home trying to fill the void of their separation with work. Kelly fell in love with a woman in uniform, and she knew the implications that would entail. Does their lesbian romance survive yet another military tour?

ANATOMY OF LOVE- Blanca’s in her last block of nursing school and doing her clinical rotation at a busy level 1 trauma hospital in Chicago. She’s doing her best to keep up with hectic demands of the E.R., including acclimating to the constant influx of dramatic trauma cases that come in on a daily basis. She finds her footing fast, and is taken under the wing of a beautiful emergency room doctor who is doing her residency in emergency medicine. Maintaining her professional decorum, Blanca is excited to be receiving guidance directly from a doctor, yet she suddenly finds herself struggling to define their interactions with one another. Are the vibes that Blanca gets every time that they have a moment alone together at work just emanating from her or is it a two-way vibe? Finishing her classes and clinical rotations, she is now studying her anatomy in preparation to take her exam. Find out if medical anatomy’s the only thing that Blanca will find herself preparing for, or will the anatomy of a lesbian romance be another exam Blanca wants to pass?



4_Volume_4_Themed_Erotic_Lesbian_Romance_CollectionLesbian Romance: 4 Volume – 4 Themed, Erotic Lesbian Romance Collection

Fulfill all your lesbian fantasies in this giant lesbian romance collection set. Plenty of lesbian romance, lesbian sex and lesbian adventure to satisfy your every mood and preference. From tender lesbian love to dark and tragic circumstance, this lesbian fiction collection has it all. Plus, you’ll save 60% by buying this 4 volume set vs. buying each of the collections separately!

Volume 1 – Lesbian Vampire Romance Collection

Story #1: Bound to Budapest
Story #2: Lured to The Embrace: A Lesbian’s Immortal Transformation
Story #3: Confessions of Counsel: “I See Vampires!”
Story #4: When Teacher Bites: Professor’s Lesbian Slut

Volume 2 – Lesbian Cowgirl Romance Collection

Story #5: Cowgirl Chivalry: Erotic Mountainside Adventure
Story #6: Cowgirl Bridesmaid: Intimate Reception Rendezvous
Story #7: Cowgirl Rides: Erotic Wild West Vacation
Story #8: Cowgirl Winter: One Snowy Romance

Volume 3 – Lesbian Women in Uniform Romance Collection

Story #9: First Alarm Love
Story #10: To Serve and Protect
Story #11: Mission Complete
Story #12: Anatomy of Love

Volume 4 – Lesbian Paranormal Romance Collection

Story #13: Witch’s Mirror
Story #14: Juice Joint Jane
Story #15: Carnival Crush
Story #16: Lesbian Love Magic: Sappho Love Potion #9



30_Steamy_Sapphire_Sex_TalesLesbian Sex Stories: 30 Steamy Sapphire Sex Tales (The Complete 2012-2013 Spirited Sapphire Catalog). Do you like your lesbian sex stories tender, frisky, rough, raunchy or taboo? In this complete 2 season lesbian sex stories collection, you can have your lesbian sex fantasy any way you like it.

Every single piece of Spirited Sapphire Publishing literary works are written by women, for women, whether lesbian, bisexual, bi-curious, or even straight. Of course, male readers are welcome to enjoy our titillating lesbian sex stories as well.

This 2 season collection includes all the lesbian sex stories from:

Lavender Love Diaries Vol. 1 – Lesbian Sex Fantasies

Lavender Love Diaries Vol. 2. – Lesbian Taboo

Lesbian Sex Stories: Love and Seduction Collection

Lesbian Sex Stories: Bondage and Domination Collection

Lesbian Sex Stories: Lavender Love Erotic Shorts Volumes 1-5

Here is a list of all the steamy individual lesbian sex stories you’ll find inside.

Story 1 – Open Relationship

Story 2 – Sensual Massage

Story 3 – Last Call

Story 4 – Intimate Counseling

Story 5 – Strap-On Fun

Story 6 – Mardi Gras

Story 7 – Personal Trainer

Story 8 – May I See Your License

Story 9 – Office Romance

Story 10 – Escort

Story 11- The Watcher

Story 12 – Lap Dance

Story 13 – Annual Check-Up

Story 14 – Submissive Play

Story 15 – Sister-in-Law

Story 16 – Pagan Pleasures

Story 17 – Camp Counselor Training

Story 18 – Glamour Shots

Story 19 – Food Play

Story 20 – Couple Swap

Story 21 – Lesbian Love: Best Friends Turned Lesbian Lovers

Story 22 – Lipstick Lesbian Lust: Carnal Candied Kisses

Story 23 – Lesbian Romance: College Girls First Lesbian Experience

Story 24 – Lesbian Sex: Cowgirl Seduction at the Wild West Ranch

Story 25 – Lesbian Adventure in the Sky: Sappho Seduction into the Mile High Club

Story 26 – Lesbian Cop: Unlawful Strip Search

Story 27 – Lesbian Domination: Submitting to my Lesbian Mistress

Story 28 – Lesbian Domination: Water Bondage Discipline

Story 29 – Dial “M” for Mistress

Story 30 – Intern by Day-Dominatrix by Night: My Journey into the World of Bondage and Domination

Includes Excerpt from: Lesbian Fiction-Dark Theme Series – Vampira: Blood, Lust and Murder (Book 1)

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